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[EN] Rules

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VORTEX™    46

When you open a topic it's necessarily to have a target (we don't accept topics like: who wants battle? / battle anyone?)

  1. If the user accepts the fight, he must leave a reply with "Accepted".
  2. If in two days the user caused is not responding to the fight, the topic will be closed.
  3. After participants presented their work and started VOTE, FairSide users will have to vote the most beautiful work.
  4. The works should be sent via PM to the person who made the challenge, do not post the reply. (Beware of people who inbox is full, empty it weekly!)
  5. Necessarily in the battle beside the main text, must appear secondary text: FS / FAIRSIDE / BATTLE FS / GFX Battle FS / www.fairside.ro
  6. Topic title will be as follows: [BATTLE] <Name> vs <Name>, and finally, when the winner is chosen, the title will be edited by a Designer in the following way: (<Name> Winner) [BATTLE] <Name> vs <Name>. (Ex (Winner VORTEX) [BATTLE] VORTEX vs T3KK)
  7. The vote needs obligatory an ARGUMENT, if you don't bring an argument, the vote is rejected.
  8. You have the obligation to save .psd file.
  9. If you voted someone's work, you can't EDIT the post because we will understand that you changed the vote for another work.
  10. We do not accept votes from users who can't work in editing programs.
  11. We do not accept votes from users with less than 20 posts.
  12. We do not accept votes from users who doesn't know how to vote. (blur to a signature render etc)

We want votes on works to be strict and as appropriate, to win the best.

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