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The GodFather`#


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The GodFather`#    9
The GodFather`#

Hello! Everyone, As u can see i am new to the community
I Would Like To Start by saying that i enjoy the servers here! :3

My Name is :Akram
i come from jordan
My Hobbys  are Gaming,Little bit of Basketball and Spending Money  :D:D
im 19 years old
Anyway I Welcome my self to the Fairside Community! :3

The GodFather`#  8)

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Skruilex    54
8 minutes ago, The GodFather`# said:

sorry for spamming here , but where can i find admin app topic ?

Hi again :)

Its grand , you are not spamming . Im not sure what server you are looking for , please have a look here https://www.fairside.ro/forum/forum/8-counter-strike-16-servere-publice/

Hope it helped you , and if it didn't , send me a private message , i will try my best to help you !

Thanks !

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